Laiho & Cao Software

Bits and Bytes of Việt Nam


We are a software engineering company located in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We offer software development services primarily to international clients located in the EU and USA. Our humble goal is to be the most cost-effective software outsourcing business in Vietnam. Currently our primary focus is web development but we are expanding rapidly into related fields.


We are a certified reseller of Ajas software products in Vietnam. Ajas is a suite of products geared for small businesses which includes a booking system, customer management and tools for invoicing/accounting. Originally developed by Eneroc Oy in Finland, Ajas is used by hundreds of companies every day.

Our Team

Pekka Laiho has over 15 years of experience in software engineering and tech startups. Having worked in various positions up to CEO, he has gained insight into all parts of the software development process. He has specialized in backend development, including working with APIs, databases and OOP. Check out his personal website.

Cao Anh Đào has distinguished herself as a leading sales manager in her life insurance career. She enjoys working with people, managing teams and leading by example. In our organization she focuses in human resources and recruiting. She is always working hard to keep our employees happy and productive.